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           Ordinary Time  


Ordinary Time is that part of the liturgical year outside of Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter.

This season is broken into two parts. 

The first part follows the Epiphany and continues until the start of Lent. 

The Second part starts after Pentecost and runs until the start of Advent.


The following prayers can help us focus on God's word and service to others during this liturgical season.




Prayer to Christ in the World

Lord Jesus, 
let us realize that every action of ours
no matter how small or how secular
enables us to be in touch with you.  
Let our interest lie in created things - 
but only in absolute dependence
upon your presence in them.  
Let us pursue you and you alone
through the reality of created things.  
Let this be our prayer - 
to become closer to you 
by becoming more human.


Let us become a tree branch on the vine 
that is you, 
a branch that bears much fruit.  
Let us accept you in our lives 
in the way it pleases you to come into them: 
as Truth, to be spoken, 
as Life, to be lived, 
as Love, to be followed, 
as Joy, to be given: 
as Peace, to be spread about: 
as Sacrifice, to be offered; 
among our relatives and friends, 
among our neighbors and all people.


Prayer to Encounter God Frequently in Prayer

Heavenly Father,
let me realize that, like all prayer, 
prayer of petition is primarily
a means of encountering you
and being sustained by you.
You know what we need
because you are a loving Father
who watches over us at every moment.

Yet you respect our freedom
and wait for us to express our needs to you.


Let me have frequent recourse to you in prayer
so that I will purify my intentions
and bring my wishes into conformity with your own.
Let me pray with fixed formulas
as well as in my own words -
whether they be long or short.
Above all, let me come before you
with a heart moved by your Spirit
and a will ready to conform to your holy will.



Prayer for Hope

O Lord,
the world we live in
is particularly plagued with the curse of despair.
We are confronted daily with countless reasons-
of a physical, mental, or technological nature-
that urge personal or communal despair.
It is only natural that there will be moments
when we are in danger of giving in to this despair.


At such times, let us look to you,

O Jesus,
as our light, guide, and exemplar,
as our sign of encouragement
on the journey to salvation.
You are the Lord of the world
and the goal of the universe
toward whom everything and everyone is moving.
How then can we despair?
If you are with us, who is against us?
In you all problems can be worked out!



Prayer to Jesus the Final Word of God

O Lord Jesus,
you are the Word of God in human form
who come to us at the end of a long dialogue
conducted by the Creator with his creatures.
You are God's final communication to us,
a communication in Word and Act.
The Word is the announcement
of the Good News of salvation
preached to the lowly and the sinful,
the Good News that is you yourself.
The Act is your Passion which bears witness
that the Father loves us to the end,
that his word is true and faithful,
ant that all his promises are fulfilled in you.


Help us to receive this word
at the hands of your Church,
and let it awaken our faith
and explain our rites.
Most of all, let it give sight to our eyes,
enabling us to see all of life
with the eyes of God.

  Prayers are from the New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book, Catholic Book Publishing Co. New York 1999  




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