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Advent is the four weeks leading up to Christmas when we long for Christ's coming in grace. 

We remember His physical coming among us and look to his glorious return. 




Prayer to Help Others Find Christ

O Lord Jesus, 
I thank you for the gift of faith
and for the continual grace you give me
to nourish and strengthen it.
Enable me to cultivate the genuine desire for you
that lies beyond the zealous search
for justice, truth, love, and peace
found in our contemporaries.
Encourage these searchings, O Lord,
and grant that all true seekers
may look beyond the present moment
and catch sight of your countenance in the world.
Come to the aid of those
who are weary and disillusioned
in their searching,
and inspire them with renewed hope
during this season of Christian hope.


Prayer for Christ's Triple Coming

Lamb of God,
you once came to rid the world of sin;
cleanse me now of every stain of sin.

Lord, you came to save what was lost;
come once again with your salvific power
so that those you redeemed will not be punished.
I have come to know you in faith;
may I have unending joy
when you come again in glory.


Prayer for Christ's Coming in Grace

O Lord Jesus,
during this Advent 
come to us in your grace.
Come to prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies
to welcome you on Christmas Day.
Come to comfort us in sadness,
to cheer us in loneliness,
to refresh us in weariness,
to buttress us in temptations,
to lead us in doubt,
and to exult with us in joy.

Prayer to Build Up the Body of Christ

O Lord Jesus,
sometimes I become impatient
while waiting for the coming of your grace,
the coming of your peace,
the coming of your love.
I forget that you also are waiting-
for my efforts
to build up your Body in the world.

It is true, O Lord,
that unless you build the house
all who labor will come to naught.
But it is also true that 
unless I join all People in working for the coming of your Kingdom,
that Kingdom of justice, love, and peace
will delay in coming.

Help me to realize
that you need my poor efforts,
and hence to apply myself
with body, heart, and mind
to whatever task you may give me.

  Prayers are from the New Saint Joseph People's Prayer Book, Catholic Book Publishing Co. New York 1999  




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