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  Education and Formation  

Baptismal Preparation
- Parents seeking to have their child baptized are asked to contact the Pastoral Ministry Office to set up an interview. At this interview, one receives pertinent materials and information and can raise any questions as needed. For the first and second child, parents are asked to attend a class before the baptism. Team couples and members of the the Cathedral staff discuss the role parents play in the faith life of their children and how this faith might be nurtured and provide a theological reflection on the Sacrament of Baptism.

Fathers' Club
- The Fathers’ Club of St. Agnes Cathedral School was established in 1992 to provide fathers, grandfathers, and other interested members of the community the opportunity to support the education of their children. The Fathers’ Club is a dynamic organization that raises funds for the maintenance and improvement of
the school facilities. Monthly meetings familiarize the members with the programs and needs of the school and afford the members the opportunity to socialize. The President of the Fathers’ Club is an ex-officio member of the St. Agnes Cathedral School Board. MORE...


Home-School Association - The St. Agnes Cathedral School Home-School Association helps parents and teachers acquire an appreciation for the ideals of Catholic education and promotes a clearer understanding of their mutual educational responsibilities. Membership consists of parents or guardians of students attending St. Agnes
Cathedral School, its Co-Principals and faculty, clergy and other interested adults of the parish. The Home-School Association plans activities and programs that are directly related to the educational development of the students. The members are also a source of service to the school community. The Co-Chairs of the Home-School Association are ex-officio members of the St. Agnes Cathedral School Board. MORE...

The Ministry of Mothers Sharing, is a Parish based program. It is a series of eight sessions designed to give mothers deeper insights into their vocation as a mother. MOMS offers a way for women to take time to explore who they are as mothers in relationship to God and to their families. When mothers grow to recognize their faith in a new light, it reflects in their family as well. MOMS is designed to encourage prayer, friendship
and support among women of all ages.  It brings God into daily living.

Mothers' Club - The Mothers’ Club of St. Agnes Cathedral School, founded in 1938, has functioned continually for 70 years. The primary objective of the Mothers’ Club is to provide quality education for the students by raising funds for enrichment programs. The Club’s activities are both social and educational in nature. The Mothers’ Club cooperates with other organizations connected with the Cathedral Parish to assist in furthering their goals and ideals. MORE...  


- The St. Agnes Pre-Cana program works with those engaged couples who are entering into the Sacrament of marriage.


Religious Education - The parish religious education program exists to assist parents in their responsibility in forming their children in the Catholic Christian faith into which they have been baptized. The parish, in cooperation with parents seeks to inform the children through instruction, prayer, service, and values.
In order to serve the needs of our children we offer (1) a family centered program, (2) a
home based and (3) a parish based program. Appropriate student, catechist and parent materials are
provided. Volunteer catechists are interviewed, screened and trained to teach moderately sized classes. Materials and ongoing support and training are provided through the director.

All of these programs provide opportunities for children with special needs to participate. In addition, religious education offers sacramental preparation for children. The parents are an important partner in this preparation; opportunities for adult faith formation are provided throughout the child’s faith journey. In cooperation with our school principles, the religious education director prepares the liturgies for the parish’s first reconciliation, communion and confirmation celebrations. MORE...


- The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a rite of the Roman Catholic Church through which unbaptized adults or children (over seven years old) are initiated into the Catholic Church. Non-Catholic Christians, who desire to become Catholic, are also welcomed into Full Communion of the Catholic Church through the R.C.I.A.
R.C.I.A. is an ongoing process. Those who desire to become Catholic may begin the process anytime during the year. The process of becoming Catholic takes place in stages according to the individual needs of the participant.


 St. Agnes Cathedral School - St. Agnes Cathedral School was founded in 1917. Throughout its history the primary goal of the school has been to educate children in the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. The school strives to support the mission of the Church: to proclaim the message of Jesus, to experience worship, to build a faith community and to respond in service to others.

St. Agnes Cathedral School provides an educational program that enables each student to reach his or her potential. It is committed to academic excellence and to meeting the divergent learning styles and needs of its K-8 students. Programs range from classes for academically advanced to special education. Parent participation in the life of the school is welcomed and valued.

St. Agnes Cathedral School has been recognized as a National School of Excellence by the United States Department of Education.

St. Agnes Cathedral School Board - The school board is an elected body consisting of adult members of St. Agnes Cathedral Parish and parents and guardians of children attending St. Agnes Cathedral School. It was established to develop and formulate educational policies for St. Agnes Cathedral School and recommend them to the rector and school administration.
The board consists of twelve members. Each member is elected for a term of three years and is eligible for one subsequent term. The rector, co-principals, and presidents of the parent organizations are ex-officio members.


Adult Faith Formation
- Provides opportunities for members of the parish to deepen their understanding of their faith.


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