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          The history of our parish is long, going back over 120 years.  We have broken this history down into 5 sections:

Part 1 ~ 1887 to 1905
Part 2 ~ 1917 - 1951
Part 3 ~ 1957 to 1972
Part 4 ~ 1976 to 1996
Part 5 ~ 1997 to Present

In 2007 as part of the 50th anniversary of St. Agnes Cathedral, a 6th section was added recalling the events of May 26 and 27, 1957 when St. Agnes Church was elevated to a Cathedral.

From Church to Cathedral 

We hope you enjoy reading about our parish history. 

 A very special thanks goes to James O'Neill, author of  "To Believe In A Vision"  (Delmar, 1983).  His work is the source of much of the information in this history prior to 1983.  

Much thanks also goes to the authors of "From a Blacksmith Shop To A Majestic Gothic Edifice" which was produced in conjunction with the dedication of the current Cathedral building in 1935. We also wish to thank the authors of the 1982 Rededication Journal which was written for the Rededication of the cathedral following the completion of the renovation in 1982.


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Our Parish Mission
We, the parish of Saint Agnes Cathedral, a community of believers, proclaim the presence of Christ in the

world through Word, Sacrament and deeds.  Affirming the sanctity of each person, we minister to all
by committing ourselves to renewal, formation, and living the Gospel. 

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